Guardian Contract

Furever Family Contract (Guardian home) 

Russell Hefti and Megan Delano

Mrs.B’s Doodles

Mailing Address

215 Woodbine Ave Bulls Gap, Tennessee 37711

The intent of this agreement is to provide_____________(guardian) a doodle with a purchase price of $1000 in order for Breeder to have dog included in Mrs.B’s Doodles breeding program. Guardian will pay Breeder a $400 (on top of $1000) security deposit, which will be refunded in the amount of $100 after the first litter and each litter thereafter until the full amount has been returned. Ownership of this dog,_____________ remains the property of the Breeders Russell Hefti and Megan Delano, for a period of five years or the completion of four litters, whichever occurs first. At that time,____________ ownership will transfer to Guardian and dog will be spayed at Breeder’s expense.

Guardian has no ownership or interest in any puppies produced by this dog.

Guardian will take possession on with the responsibility to:

1- Safely confine dog by use of physical fence or leash.

2- Provide housebreaking by the age of eight months.

3- Keep the dog accustomed to periods of time in the crate daily, either sleeping or resting.

4- Provide adequate exercise daily, not allowing dog to become overweight as decided by Breeder in order to protect hips from hip dysplasia.

5- Provide basic obedience training: “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “drop it/leave it”, “crate/kennel”, no jumping on people.

6- Feed approved high quality food. (Fromm)

7- Provide vet care as needed, including vaccinations at Guardian’s expense.

8- The Guardian is responsible for all non-breeding related expenses, including but not limited to: vaccinations, deworming, parasite control, food, and emergency vet expenses, grooming.

9- Provide pet insurance for the guardian dog. If Guardian declines pet insurance, they must be prepared to pay for any emergency vet care needed by dog.

10- Keep dog free from fleas and other parasites in the most natural means possible, using chemical products only with Breeder approval.

11- Deliver dog to Breeder or meet Breeder upon request with 24-‐hour notice for breeding purposes, testing, etc.

12- Contact Breeder immediately in the event of serious illness or accident including severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.

13- Notify Breeder of any absences or vacations of the local area in advance and give contacts for dog’s caretaker during absence.

14- Send copy of all vet visits to Breeder.

15- Keep dog away from intact males while in season.

16- Maintain this contract even in the event that Guardian moves out of the area, including flying the dog to Breeder when requested at Guardian’s expense.

17- In the event that dog does not pass health testing, Guardian will not be required to pay the $400 deposit but only $1000 purchase fee to Breeder and will be allowed to keep the dog as a pet. In this event, dog will be spayed at Breeder’s expense.

18- Guardian agrees to keep dog away from the floor or ground of public places such as pet

stores, parks, dog parks, groomer, and the floor of vet office until the DHPV series is complete

(approximately 16 weeks). This is to prevent parvo, a deadly disease to puppies.

19- Contact Breeder before cutting coat so that Breeder may take pictures.

20- Deliver dog to vet at appointed times in the event that Breeder is out of town and a collection or breeding needs to occur. Breeder will set this up at least 48 hours in advance.

21- Keep dog well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages.

22- Must be professionally groomed every three months minimum. Dog must not be shaved. Dog must be kept in an appropriate breed cut. Normally a 4 or 5 blade short

Should the dog die of natural or accidental causes while in possession of Guardian, this agreement shall terminate. Should the dog die while in the Breeder’s possession this agreement shall terminate, and Breeder shall provide Guardian with a replacement puppy from the next litter.

At any time that this Breeder finds non-compliance of this agreement, contract terminates, and possession shall immediately return to Breeder.

During the life of this dog, Guardian may return dog to Breeder at any time.

If Guardian has dog spayed or neutered without written consent of Breeder, Guardian will owe Breeder up to $20,000 for an adult Doodle two years or older. Any legal costs incurred to collect this payment will be paid by the Guardian.

If Guardian allows dog to be bred without written consent of Breeder, Guardian will owe Breeder $2500 for every puppy produced in the litter. Any legal costs incurred to collect this payment will be paid by the Guardian.

If Guardian fails to notify Breeder within 24 hours by both phone/text and email of a female beginning estrus, after the age of 18 months, Guardian will be required to pay for progesterone testing once a week and transport dog to and from veterinarian until the time that female enters estrus.

Breeder responsibility:

1- Provide Guardian with a healthy puppy.

2- Approve Guardian’s choice of dog food.

3- Pay all veterinarian costs pertaining to reproduction such as OFA and elbow testing, CERF exam,

progesterone testing, pregnancy ultrasounds & x-rays.

4- Pay for spay at the completion of contract or when Breeder deems the dog to not be needed for breeding.

5- Breeder will return the $400 security deposit to Guardian in $100 increments after first litter and after each litter until amount is refunded 

6- Honor two-year health guarantee in the event that the dog is spayed before completion of this contract.

7- Provide dog care support when requested for life of dog.

8- Provide information on detecting and caring for a dog in estrus (heat).

Signature of Breeder:______________________________________________________


Signature of Guardian:_____________________________________________________


Guardian’s Name:_________________________________________________________   

Phone: _____________________



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